OX Finance

● $OXFI Tokens

OXFI TOEKN:0x93c169b9a0bf3478c9912d45228093ea339c00a3
$OXFI tokens are BEP20 contracts deployed to Binance Smart Chain, built using the industry-leading OpenZeppelin standard. Our smart contract writers designed the $OXFI token contract with the future in mind and allow for seamless cross-chain functionality.
OX Finance has implemented transaction fees to maintain and achieve industry leadership.
Below is a list of fees and how they are allocated:
Purchase transaction fee is 10%:
  • 7% - Treasury
  • 3% - Marketing
Sell transaction fee is 10%:
  • 5% - Destroyed
  • 5% - maintain liquidity
More information :
  • 7% (Treasury) - Helps maintain the value of OX Finance to reach the bottom effect and support the upside of the token.
  • 5% (burned) - Destroy the total amount of tokens and increase the unit price of the vault exchange.
  • 5% (Maintain Liquidity) - Supports the liquidity of the BUSD/OXFI pair on Pancakeswap, ensuring that the value of $OXFI continues to increase.
  • 3% (Marketing) - Provides OX Finance with marketing and recruitment budgets, as well as funding for new projects and product development.