OX Finance

● Vault

VAULT CONTRACT:0xe90fc6fc5e8ae202d6a241338f192f182631368e
The vault plays a very important role in OX Finance's protocol. It provides two extremely critical functions for $OXFI growth and sustainability.
The role of the vault is to provide additional support for $OXFI. The Treasury’s stablecoin backing can perfectly hedge user risk if $OXFI falls significantly. All users can use $OXFI to exchange stablecoins at the Treasury.
The exchange of $OXFI to the vault wallet will directly destroy the total amount of tokens, ensuring that the exchange ratio continues to increase. Further deflationary tokens will increase their value

Vault exchange unit price = vault bust balance / total $OXFI

1.What are the advantages of the OX Finance protocol?
  • The world's first financial protocol that realizes the continuous rise of token prices through "treasury" smart contracts.
  • Token holders can exchange BUSD in the vault at any time at the repurchase price, so that people no longer worry about the price plummeting, and the repurchase price in the vault will only continue to rise.
2.The reason for the infinite increase in the repurchase price?
The initial funds of the treasury come from 47% of the pre-sale amount, and 7% of the purchase amount of each transaction will flow into the treasury to expand the treasury funds; 5% of the cost of each sale will be directly destroyed and Reduce the total; it's all way to raise the repo price.
3.Will the buyback price go down?
If someone exchanges USDT from the vault, the tokens used for the exchange will be destroyed 100% and the total amount will be reduced, so even if the funds in the vault are exchanged, it will not make the repurchase price lower, it will only fly to the moon.
4.How does the vault contract ensure the safety of funds?
  • All contracts have passed the security audit, and the audit report can be viewed.
  • The smart contract of the vault runs permanently and automatically on the BSC blockchain. We add a timelock at launch, and we relinquish contract ownership before the timelock expires.
5.Why not just relinquish vault ownership and add a timelock first?
This is to ensure that when OXFI is just launched, funds will not be permanently locked in the vault due to the black swan event, causing losses to users. This also shows that the vault is permanently safe when contract ownership is relinquished.