OX Finance

● FAQs

1.What are the benefits of holding tokens?
  • The innovative vault mechanism will always push the price of tokens up, coupled with a strong token deflation model, the benefits of holding tokens will be huge!
  • We will complete the roadmap planning in the shortest possible time. OXFi token plays a vital role in the whole ecology. It will have a lot of empowerment, which will increase the huge demand for purchases.
2.Where can I buy $OXFI tokens?
3.What is transaction slippage?
There are two different types of slippage when trading $OXFI: When you want to buy, you need to set the slippage to at least 10%. When you want to sell, you need to set the slippage to at least 10%.
4.Is liquidity locked up?
The liquidity of the trading pair will be locked as soon as it goes live.
5.Is an audit planned?
We have reached an in-depth cooperation with KISHIELD, a PinkSale certification audit company, and completed the audit after deployment.