OX Finance

● OX Overview

The world's first finance protocol to achieve continuous token price increases through "vault" smart contracts.


$OXFI is an innovative financial protocol, which effectively reduces the risk of investors, and at the same time can serve the purpose of increasing the price of tokens indefinitely.
  • Secure Vault - Users can exchange BUSD from the vault at any time, independent of liquidity prices.
  • The initial capital of the vault - 47% of the pre-sale capital will provide a considerable floor price for the token price.
  • Unlimited price increases - 7% of each purchase tax will increase the vault funds; 5% of the sales tax on the total burn; these two points in the agreement play a role in continuously increasing the repurchase price.
  • The unit price of the repurchase will not decrease - when the holder exchanges BUSD through the vault, 100% of the OXFi used will be destroyed, and the total amount of tokens will be reduced, which ensures that the token price will not fall in the protocol algorithm.
  • Sufficient vault - The agreement calculates the repurchase unit price according to the vault balance/total amount of tokens = repurchase unit price, so the treasury funds will not be 100% exchanged.
The OXFi team will complete the goal according to the roadmap in the shortest time, and other applications in the OX ecosystem will be launched soon, OX node, OXNFT, OX launch pad, OX farm, OX LP pool, OX swap...
Last modified 10mo ago