OX Finance

● Open letter

Plan for May

1) Ox NFT is being designed and will be mint in a few days mint rule:
A total of 1111 Ox NFTs 1000 pieces of public minting Team and Marketing 111 Mint up to 1 Ox NFT per address Foundry fee 100OXFI/NFT 80% of OXFI tokens used for minting will be destroyed, and 20% will be used for team development
2) We attach great importance to the security of user funds and project security, so we are contacting authoritative audit company and will add a 1-year time lock to the treasury after confirmation.
3) The team vesting token will be locked for 30 days. This is for more flexible planning. This part of the token will not be used in the development plan in May. In June or later, if the development requires, the use of this part of the token will be designed. May extend lock time if not needed.
4) CMC and CG did not review in time due to holidays, we will continue to follow up
5) We also plan to start making NFT usage scenarios and applications if time permits, , which will start in late May or June